Saturday, December 8, 2007

make it yourself, coconut bread

Everything is sleeping at night. When I was a child, I always said it is a great depth of stillness. Is it really that stillness? Not really. Leaves are beat outside, while the keyboard is beat inside. Moreover, my oven is still working at night, with a good smell of coconut.

Well, this is I make in midnight since it really take a lot of time to prepare for bread and wait for ferment. I like the taste of coconut very much.

I find the coconut in Chinese supermarket, and buy a bigger package. During the following days, I keep on thinking what can I do with it. I would like to bake bread with this coconut.Unfortunately these is no bread flour left. At last, I try this coconut bread with the normal flour.

Mianmian's recipe of coconut bread.

1.Heat 150ml milk. After coolig down a little bit,mix with one spoon of yeast and suger(40g).
2.Put flour (280g), one spoon of salt and one whipped egg together.
3.Knead all this things with the milk we have prepared.
4.Then crush up it with 40g butter.(Of course, you can do all the steps above with toaster)
5. It will then ferment and become two times bigger than before.
6. Then we prepare the stuffing. Mix the coconut, suger and butter equably.
7. Cut the paste into 10 pieces. Put stuffing into paste.
8. Make a beautiful shape which you prefer.
9. Put it in a warm place, for example, oven. Keep the temperature between 40 to 50 centigrade.
10. After 40 min, it will finish the second ferment. See the photo below.
11. Brush the egg to the surface.
12. 18min, at 180 degree centigrade in oven.

This is the picture after the second ferment.

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