Saturday, December 8, 2007

Speculaasbrokken on Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas is a holiday tradition in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, Saint Nicholas' Eve, (December 5) is the chief occasion for gift-giving. The evening is called pakjesavond ("presents' evening"). Traditionally, presents are carefully wrapped, and are therefore called surprises. Also, presents are traditionally accompanied by a poem from Saint Nicholas. Sinterklaas is the basis for the North American figure of Santa Claus. It was during the American War of Independence, that the inhabitants of New York City, a former Dutch colonial town (New Amsterdam) which had been swapped by the Dutch for other territories, reinvented their Sinterklaas tradition, as Saint Nicholas was a symbol of the city's non-English past. The name Santa Claus is derived from older Dutch Sinte Klaas. (All the above is from Wiki)

On 5th Dec, every family will eat this kind of cookies. I got a dutch recipe from Sinie. Thanks, sinie, tian and I like it very much. Even though I have baking many kinds of cookies, I never did a cookies with so many seasonings. It is quite tasted. I also make some different shapes with the rest of paste.

Recipe of Speculaasbrokken.

1. Mix 200g self-rising flour, with a little salt and 4 spoons of Speculaa seasoning and 100g brown suger.
2. Add 150g butter and 15ml milk together.
3. Knead the whole thing into a paste. Put it in fridge for 3 hours.
4. Role the paste when the thickness is about 1cm. Add some almond as you like.
5. Baking in the oven at 175 centigrade for 25-30 minutes.

Prepare of Speculaas seasoning,

4 spoons Cinnamon,half spoon white pepper, 1 spoon cloves powder, 1 spoon clove powder and litter piment, cardamon and ginger.

There are some more photos we take in city centre.

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